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Your Auto Insurance Policy Data Is Immediately Available To Authorities In Mexico.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  These insurance policies apply only in Mexico under the exclusive jurisdiction of Mexican law.  No Coverage is afforded in the USA or in any other country, or under any foreign legal system.  ALL accidents MUST BE reported immediately in Mexico by calling the toll-free number on your issued policy.  If you fail with your reporting duty your claim may be denied.

MEXICO AUTO/Watercraft Insurance Claims:

  • Remain calm.
  • Do NOT leave the scene.
  • Report/call in your claim.
  • Do not leave your vehicle unattended.
  • Wait for the adjuster to arrive.
  • Complete an accident report.
  • You MUST report all claims prior to leaving Mexico and re-crossing the border into the USA. Failure to file a claim prior to leaving Mexico will result in the DENIAL of your claim.


  1. Report the incident immediately by dialing 011-52-555-227-9000 or toll-free from Mexico at 01 800 400 9000. Select Option 1 “Reportar un siniestro” (Report a claim). Then select Option 5 “Daños” (Home). You will be asked to provide:
    1. Policy Number
    2. Name of the insured
    3. Nature of the loss
    4. Place and address where the loss occurred
  2. Give notice to the competent authority according to the type of disaster, such as firefighters in case of fire or explosion or the police in case of theft.
  3. Give written notice to us via a claim letter stating in detail what were the facts, what happened and possible causes of the loss. If authorities were contacted you will need to provide a certified copy of reports that were made to said authorities.
  4. Home Assistance services can be requested by selection option 1 “Reportar un siniestro” (Report a sinister) – Option 6 “Asistencia al hogar” (Home Assistance).
  5. In case you need further information contact us by dialing 011-52-555-227-9000 or toll free from Mexico at 01 800 400 9000.
  6. Select Option 3 “Consultas y aclaraciones de su póliza o dar seguimiento a un siniestro” (Consultation and clarification of their policy or follow a claim) – Option 4 “Daños” (Home) may consult regarding their claim. This can also be done by sending an e-mail to

These instructions are for informational purposes only, for more information see the “Procedure in the event of a Loss”; section of the General Conditions.

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