AMMEX joins the Arizona-Mexico Commission (AMC) to take an active role in helping advance cross border policies and resolve cross border issues that have an impact on the insurance industry.  “AMMEX will continue to actively participate and work with all premiere cross-border organizations to help advance the policies that promote the safety of cross border travel/tourism and the protection of foreign owned assets in Mexico,” says Brian Krupski, CEO of AMMEX.  The Arizona-Mexico Commission is Arizona’s premiere cross-border nonprofit organization. Its mission is to improve the well-being and quality of life for residents of Arizona by promoting a strong, cooperative relationship with Mexico and Latin America through advocacy, trade, networking and information.  The AMC has 13 binational committees that act as industry and community advocates in partnership with the Comisión Sonora-Arizona (from Sonora, Mexico) to facilitate cross-border trade, business and community networking and binational information sharing.  Of the 13 AMC committees, AMMEX representatives will be participating with the Transportation, Tourism, Economic Development, and Real Estate Committees.